Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fem År Siden

I'll be writing this post in english.

New awesome tool guys and gals!  Are you getting ready to travel to Denmark for a study abroad and are looking for a few simple tricks to jump start your vocabulary?

Google Chrome has released "Language Immersion for Chrome".  With this add-on google auto changes different words and phrases in your browser based on settings that you can adjust in the toolbar.  I wish I had known this existed when it was released, and despite some syntactical issues, the add-on works fairly well.

Also remember that you have to be reading for this application to work, don't go out to your flash game website and exclaim that you are actively learning!  Engage your mind and focus on all the translated words.  Learn slow, but learn steady.  Good luck!


Monday, February 11, 2013

It has been 4 years since my last big adventure, living in Denmark.  I have a new blog, so follow me as I set off on a hike.  The new address is:

See you there!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Notes of things not to do once in America again.

1) Don't try to stop the jet lag... just sleep
2) Whatever you do, don't pig out... you will die
3) Same as above... note, Taco Bell does not digest.
4) Taco Bell is not even that great
5) Ouch... Taco bell is hurting me sooo bad right now
6) I'm going to bed

* Within the year I discovered I had gall stones.  I obviously was having an attack during the time I wrote this post.  Taco Bell tastes just as sinfully good as always provided I monitor my intake.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coming home

Yeah, I guess this will be my last post.  I am going to be home pretty soon and I'm really tired of blogging!  I mean, I always feel like I am just talking to myself.
Well it has been a very long year, but short at the same time.  Life moves pretty darn fast when you don't grasp every second, and I didn't grasp every second here.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi, I'm still alive.

Love you guys.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back in the Swing of things

I am now back in the swing of life after a wonderful trip to Berlin.  I am happy to say I am still alive and well.  My second date never did happen because she had to go visit her friend in the hospital the next night.  I am relieved that we have talked since then and she says that her friend is okay.
In Berlin I saw tons of stuff.  I travelled with Tove, Gustov (contact adults) and their 3 daughters and boyfriends of those daughters.  It was very fun and we relaxed and soaked up the wonderful sun, which we still do not get in Denmark.

In the picture above you see me with the just a few of the folks we hung out with.  Danish people will never change...
We did do our fair share of tourism.  We walked everywhere all over Berlin.  This is me at checkpoint charlie and it cost 2 euros to get my picture with these two random strangers, but I guess it was worth it.  Unfortunately Gustov is not the best photographer and most the photos of me are full body and really far away looking.
Artists at work.  I think this really represents Berlin and Europe really well.  In Europe is where the first real graffiti started with throw ups.  I am pretty sure this was legal though as he was pretty well set up and it was day time.  You can find graffiti all over Berlin.
These are the gates in Berlin and there are two sides.  At these gates there were lots of big concerts,  two while we were there.  I think it represents Berlin because there are these types of statues everywhere.
This statue was given from Denmark to Berlin... I think.  I should look that up I guess.

Well, in a way of saying it, I had a really good time in Berlin and would recommend Berlin over Amsterdam any day of the week.  There is no way you could see it all in even a month.  There is way way too much to see.  I have another 200 pictures and movies of this trip.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Randomness to report

I am currently in Berlin, but because I have not downloaded the pictures to my computer yet I will not write about Berlin really.  What I will write about however is a girl I met in Berlin.  Ah, yes, a very kind red head.  We stayed up, not by choice really, until 4:30am sitting by the river and drinking some drinks.  The reason we stayed up so late was because trains stop running at about 2 and start again at 4:30, so we missed the last train, but it is not such a bad thing.  We walked from the river back to my house and we stayed there until the train would come.
The lesson I learned from this, not all blind dates are bad.  Plus I will have good stories to tell of the german that I went on a date with in Berlin :)  Nothing spectacular happened, but it was very nice.
You know a date went well when you hug at the train station before she leaves while saying that you will see each other again soon.  Then walk away with a huge grin on your face.  Then before falling asleep that night writing an email to her letting her know that it was a good night and all.  Truly it was very relaxing :) I will see her again.